When It's Over		  ©Brian Hooper      July 2008

We were lucky, you might say, we were home here at the time,
And I gave my last few gallons to an old school friend of mine;
He rang to say he made it home, and before they cut the line
He said he'd come back up to see us when it's over.

When the shelves began to empty there was panic in the streets,
People going crazy just to find something to eat.
We're eating for survival now and it doesn't taste so sweet
But we'll have ourselves a slap-up when it's over.

	When it's over, when the wheels turn again,
	When it's over, just hold on until then.
	When it's over, you'll go home again, my friend,
So let's do the best we can until it's over.

I've got room out in the garage for a fella such as you,
Who knows which plants might do us in and which might see us through;
You'll be wanting to move on soon, so good luck when you do,
And you'll still be needing good luck when it's over.

We'd a woman here last night, she was heading for the west,
She'd run out up in London, she seemed a bit depressed;
But you know and I know, that's just like all the rest,
And she'll see the funny side when it's over.

	When it's over ……

We've a little wind-up radio, there isn't much to hear,
But the news was on this morning and they say the end is near;
They've found oil down near Margate, but they can't transport the gear
And I think we'll be much older when it's over.

Now I know you're stranded miles from home, I realise your plight,
And to say that I'm enjoying this, it wouldn't be quite right,
But the sound of blessed silence and the stars we see at night
Are the things I will remember when it's over,

	When it's over ……