Pleasant And Delightful – The Sampler

Brian Hooper, 1992

Oh the summertime is coming and the leaves are sweetly blooming,
And it’s never I’ll play the wild rover no more.
In our winter city, the rain cries little pity,
So it’s farewell Lower Frederick Street, and Polly on the shore.
So it’s farewell Lower Frederick Street.......

When I was a bachelor I lived all alone;
I had enough money to last me through life.
Then who should I meet but this pretty fair maid;
I asked her to marry me and be my sweet wife.
I asked her to marry me ..........

I got the blues when my baby left me by the San Francisco Bay;
Oh, how many roads must a man walk down?
Once I had a sweetheart and now I have none,
And I cannot help but wonder where I’m bound, where I’m bound.
And I cannot help but wonder .........

These words were composed by Spencer the Rover,
With words that tear and strain to rhyme.
I’ve been on the road so long, it’s been good to know yer;
To me right fal-oo-ra laddy-o, let no man steal your thyme.
To me right fal-oo-ra laddy-o .........
I assembled this sometime between 1988 and 1992, and then forgot about it.  It came to light again in 2004 as I was going through some material that “Cats Whiskers” used to sing.
I have no idea what the copyright position might be on this, but bits of it are from unarguably copyright sources so I claim only to have assembled it, not to have written it! The tune, of course, is “Pleasant and Delightful”.