Oh no, it's Lent        BH, Lent 2006
Oh no, it's Lent, so I gotta quit drinking,
It's what I promised, so it's what I'll do;
Think I want to repent, maybe give up thinking;
It's what I promised, so it's what I'll do;
It's forty days, no beer, no brandy,
It's what I promised, so it's what I'll do;
Got to change my ways, not even shandy,
It's what I promised, got to see it through.
Now it's ten days, since I stopped boozing,    
And I miss the taste, I don't find this amusing,
I can do without intoxication,
But the smell of stout, now that's temptation.
I could have given up mountaineering,
could have given up wearing an earring,
could have given up lascivious leering,
given up singing the blues,
I could have given up engineering,
could have given up orienteering,
could have given up something endearing,
so why did I choose to refuse the booze?
20 days have gone, and I've started flagging,
Still rolling along, three weeks on my wagon,
Someone said I'd find, Sundays exempted,    
Get thee behind, 'cos now I'm tempted.
Now we had planned, an overseas vacation,
And wasn't it grand, just a little libation,
Now I'm back in the dry, until Easter Sunday,
Now I know why, we have the day off Monday!
I could have given up eating veal,
could have given up the glockenspiel,
could have given up my automobile,
given up singing the blues.  
But now I find it's no big deal,
and I get this virtuous kind of feel
from having willpower made of steel,
so that's why I chose to refuse the booze!  
And I'll drink to that!
I don’t usually give anything up for Lent, and I still don’t know why I gave up alcohol for Lent in 2006.
I stuck with my theory that it’s OK to break the abstinence when on a long journey (we had a short break in Rome, and when in Rome ......)
And I learned a few things.
Firstly that orange juice and lemonade is only acceptable in moderate quantities.
Secondly that orange juice and lemonade is almost as expensive as beer in some pubs.
Thirdly that Lent is quite a long time!
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