God Said  		 ©Brian Hooper 2000

God said to Noah, "This world has gone so wrong,
I'm gonna destroy all the wicked, I want you to carry on.
Gather up the innocent and put 'em in a boat,
There's gonna be a flood, and only the good will float!
I want you to save the world,
I want you to save the world.
I told you before, you gotta follow God's law
If you're goin' to save the world."

Then God said to Moses, "Set my chosen people free,
And lead them to the promised land to live in harmony.
Take these tablets and read them every day; the promised
Land is close at hand along the straight and narrow way, 
I want you to save the world ……"

Now God said to David, "This still isn't right,
I made man in my own image and all he does is fight!
I'm choosing you to lead the world into the light,
I'm giving you the power, let your star shine bright!
I want you to save the world ……"

Then God said to himself, "Maybe I'm on the wrong track,
Sending kings to put things right, but the people just slide back.
I want every man to learn to love his neighbour as himself,
I think I'll send a teacher - in fact, I'll go myself.
I'm going to save the world ….."

So God in Jesus told us on the hills at Galilee,
"You gotta love your neighbour, gotta love your enemy;
Don't listen to the people preaching worldliness and greed,
I AM is telling you, faith and love are what you need,
I want you to save the world ……"

Then God said to the Revelator, "I will return,
I'm gonna glorify the good and see the wicked people burn.
You can follow the beast or you can sing me a tune,
But make up your mind, I could be coming soon!
I want you to save the world ……"
From Genesis to Revelation in six verses.  That’s the entire Bible, but I had to leave out some of the detail......