Coming in further            Brian Hooper, February 2006
They say that the ice-caps are melting, the polar bears haven't got long
To evolve so they're ready for swimming when the ground that they walk on is gone.
Our summers are already warmer, and winter is losing its bite,
But it's nothing to do with me, Jack, oh no Jack, I'm alright!
    And it's just the thing on a Sunday, to go for a ride in the car,
    To where the tide keeps coming in further, and not going out quite so far.
Of course we supported the miners, who dug in the earth for the coal,
When Thatcher decided to crush them, and put them all out on the dole;
But mining was never a pleasure, and coal was a short-sighted king,
The earth turned into a honeycomb and the ozone wearing thin.
    And it's just the thing …
You are what you eat, as the magazines say, organic is what you must choose,
But of course you're too busy to grow your own, so here's some ideas you can use:
Organic French beans from Uganda, asparagus grown by the Nile,
No nasty chemicals, just aviation fuel, mile after mile after mile
after mile and it's just the thing …
Now we've man-made and natural disasters coming ever more thick and more fast;
Chemical accidents, earthquake and flood, and drought when the floodwater's passed.
They're freezing to death in the Kashmir, we can't simply stand by and watch,
So let's put the telly on standby, turn the heating up just one more notch.
    And it's just the thing …
What can you say about global warming?
I’m told that the sea level at Southampton docks will rise by 70cm in the next 60 years or so.  Doesn’t seem much when you think of it vertically, but think of how far it will reach horizontally and it’s much more frightening.
And every day we push the process along.....
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